Come scegliere la piattaforma di trading online

The trading platform is the decisive factor when doing online trading. In many cases, the difference between winning and losing money lies in the trading platform you are using. But how do you choose the online trading platform ? What are the elements that we need to consider to make the most of our choice? We try to do some ‘of order in this article by analyzing point by point.

Best online trading platforms

First, a point that may seem obvious to most people try to work always and only with the best online trading platforms . But the point is not so obvious: how can we define what is the best trading platform? According to some professionals the best platform is one that makes you earn more because it is one with which you feel better. This judgment is much deeper than it looks and is the guiding principle for all those who are looking for an ideal trading platform. There is no better platform of other absolute, there are individual traders who have preferences and therefore can operate better with a platform rather than another. Obviously there are certain points that are really essential. And ‘madness, to say, working with a trading platform that has not been authorized and regulated by CONSOB because the scam is really around the corner. Also operate with an authorized platform can be inconvenient when you pay commissions sull’eseguito: always better to prefer platforms that do not apply commissions of any kind.


That said, the decision about what is the best trading platform it only and only to the trader .

Online trading platforms Italy

Since our audience is Italian, let’s focus on what are the online trading platforms in Italy. First, we say that the reference to Italy does not imply the presence of a registered office in Italy. It ‘just that the company that runs the trading platform is established in any of the EU countries and there is authorized and regulated by automatically shooting authorization from CONSOB. A good trading platform, however, must be in Italian: Italian site, any mobile trading applications in Italian, people working to support who can speak in Italian. On this point we say that we can be satisfied even foreigners who speak Italian but obviously we would all like to talk on the phone with people of Italian native speakers.


trading platforms online comparison

How do we compare the online trading platforms? What should we consider? We have already said that it is a rather subjective comparison, subject to certain essential elements such as legality and absence of sull’eseguit commissions or. To compare multiple trading platforms, however, there are specialized websites that operate publishing comparative tables. This makes it easier to identify what are the characteristics sought in this or that platform and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Free online trading platforms

We insisted a lot on the fact that it always pays to choose free trading platforms. This is because when there are fixed costs or commission payable, profits are heavily extortionists. Among other fees or fixed costs are paid even when you are at a loss, thus adding to the damage or insult. We suggest that you always use free platforms, but how do these platforms to cover costs and earn ? Simple, they have a totally different business model: apply a small spread (ie the difference) between the price at which you can sell and one to which you can buy. In this way they earn (very little) on each transaction made. It is no coincidence that these platforms have every interest in making the customer gain more customers earn, the more work and earn more. The client, in turn, are willing to pay this small price (although it is improper to call it that because it is not a commission) because it gets its high profit anyway.



We close this article with an example of a top quality online trading platform Plus500 . It is a secure, reliable platform, honest, even listed on the London Stock Exchange. In short, a real jewel of reliability, safety and convenience above all Just to go back to the speech of a free trading platform, Plus500 not only does not impose any fees of any kind but also offers a welcome bonus of 25 euro without having to make a deposit to all who open a free account. And for those who then deposits there are up to 7,000 € of additional bonus .

We mentioned Plus500 but we could also mention other free trading platforms: the truth is that today the quality platforms are so many, just take a few minutes of searching to really get the best. Therefore we say that those who are cheated by unauthorized platforms or applying sull’eseguito commission deserves to be cheated.